Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fragrant Days

Is there anything finer than the perfume of a fragrant honeysuckle on a fine, clear fall day... I think not.
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You just caused me to come to a screeching halt! What type of honeysuckle blooms in the fall?? Is it a honeysuckle vine that's still blooming? Not a bush...?
Shady... it's a vine; Pink Lemonade, and it always puts out a small flush of flowers in the fall.
luscious, we say, and so do our hummers!
Your gardenplants are quite a revelation, also some others I've seen in USA blogs. The plants are quite different to what is available in Australia excet for the honeysuckle which I too look forward to every year.
I was glad to read your post in favour of honeysuckle: it seems this lonicera suffers from a bad press in the US ;-)

Our vines are still blooming and suddenly the scent is very obvious again, lifting my spirits like they did earlier this summer.
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