Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cornus Kousa Wolf Eyes

One of the new areas that I'm working on in our garden consists of a large ravine that opens onto the pond; it's quite shady, with a couple of large red oaks and a pair of black cherries casting the whole area into shadow except when the morning sun slants underneath the tree canopy. When that happens, Cornus kousa Wolf Eyes just lights up and glows.
This large shrub has leaves that are gray green with a wide white margin, and it maintains its shining look all summer. Other gardeners have also commented on how this dogwood lights up their garden. The white flowers in spring are nice too, but tend to not be very noticeable due to the brightness of the leaves.
There are very few shrubs that can stand out in a dark corner of the garden like Wolf Eyes.

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I make do with the Cornus alba shrub, not quite in the same league as the kousa group, but it does serve the same purpose.

The red stems in early winter are an additional asset. And....snails leave the leaves alone.
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