Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Babbling Brook

There are garden projects, there are garden dreams, and there are garden delusions; The Babbling Brook may be one of the latter (the project merits capitalization, as it has taken on a certain non-physical yet lurking presence in the garden; rather like a dark cloud). Our garden is on a slight hill overlooking a lovely four acre pond, with several ravines cutting down to the pond. A number of years ago I got the idea to build an artificial stream down the bottom of one of these ravines, running from my goldfish pond at the top of the hill to the four acre pond at the bottom, pumping water up to the goldfish pond, and letting it burble and babble downhill, under a couple of bridges. Let us be kind and say there has been a rather lengthy planning phase for this project, with no actual construction over these years. The subject of this non-babbling non-brook has become a source of much mirth amongst some of our friends, who invariably cup an ear when they enter the garden, the better to catch sound of the water splashing downhill.
Well, much to my surprise (and probably to the astonishment of some of our friends), I've actually started construction on the streambed; just so far roughing out about six feet of the bed... but it's a start. I may have water running in a short stretch by next fall. Now maybe I should think about whether I could build a gazebo overlooking the stream...

Yea! I'll watch for progress... and, yes, you should at least start plans for that gazebo! :-)
It's a lovely beginning. You already have a chute, rocks with moss on them, and some picturesque leaves. The babbling part can easily be imagined. Planning the next project is often the most fun. Besides, Louis XIV had a few helpers to build his water course.
Plan the gazebo by all means, but for now, get a flyfishing rod for all those lovely trout about to populate your watercourse!
Shady... I'm going to order the liner this winter!

Northern... Ah, how I'd love some servants.

Arija... the four acre pond is full of bass and bluegills... I wonder if they migrate upstream?

If you make it wide enough you can use it as a gentle luge track in winter. Just an idea. I'm always for multi season interest / activity in the garden.
And I wish I had a pond full of bass outback. I'd be there every day!
Ponds are interesting, but those artificial streams really get to me, Don so I've had some daydreams about making one. But Philo has to be all practical-engineer guy, figuring out how huge the pump would have to be, which wakes me up from that dream.

I hope your vision comes true!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Benjamin... you know, we've never fished on the pond; got a canoe that we can put out, but never fished. There are some BIG bass in there, too!

Annie... well, I'm starting to think about how big a pump I'll need. I think I've got about a ten foot drop.

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