Thursday, August 21, 2008

The World Is A Big Place

When you're a small cat, the world is a very big place...
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You captured a perfect photograph! :-) Don't you wonder what she's thinking?
That is a great photo!

I've been to Iowa City a number of times and always forget to stop by and pick up my free plant! Oh well! My yard is full, anyway!
Cool photo Don.
Wow...nice photo! It looks like the jungle.
Hey .. what cat lover could not say this was one beautiful photo !
Shady... actually she's probably looking at a catbird scolding her!

Moe... well, there's always spring... I'm just starting to pot up some Arisaema sikokianums in pots.

Sally... thanks; glad you like it.

Osmojoe... and that's a more open part of the garden.

Joy... Sadie is quite a "different" cat, but we still love her.

I love this!!
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