Saturday, August 02, 2008

What I Like About You...

Once in a while a plant comes along that's just about perfect. Take Pardacanda norrisii 'Sangria'. It is a candy lily, with flowers somewhat larger than most, and the color... well, it is deep, rich royal purple highlighted with dusty gold. The plant seems more upright than common candy lilies (which are sprawly), and the foliage is crisp blue-green. It blooms for many weeks, and is carefree and drought resistant. I even love the spent blooms, which curl up like little corkscrews. Add in the attractive black seeds produced after blooming is over, and you've got one nice plant.
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Nice picture. I am always interested in what blooms in August. I have the orange blackberry lily which is quite prolific. Are blackberry lilies and candy lilies the same?
What gorgeous colors... great name too. Gives us ideas for what to sip on in the garden this afternoon. WOOHOO!! Thanks for sharing.
Gorgeous flowers, love that contrast of that deep purple with that gold tone.
Hi Don,
What a great flower, and another new one you've introduced to me. I like those spent blooms too, they look fun even when the flower is done! And the colors are spectacular ... I'd like to find a space for some of these. Are they primarily shady plants or do they want sun?
"Candy Lily"? What the heck is that?

You know, it would be helpful if you put some links up over on the right there---->
directing where you find all of your interesting flowers.
Hey Don,

That is a pretty amazing flower. I'm drooling.
Sorry I'm late replying to comments; we hosted my family reunion this weekend.

Philip... Pardacanda is a hybrid of the blackberry lily belamcanda, and pardanthis (thus pardacanda).

Shiba... those Sangrias can make a warm summer afternoon go REALLY fast!

Perennial... it is really a cool color.

Sally... See above. You're right, I should do more linking for sources, but, but... I'm lazy :o)

MrBrownT... There are a whole bunch of these crosses, and I'd like to get a few more. I do have some seedlings of Sangria, and will be interested to see what they look like.

Don, I also have the orange blackberry lily. Your curled spent flower gave me the best clue as to what I was looking at! ;-)

Nice flower!!!
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