Friday, August 29, 2008

The Weatherloon

I know, without looking at a single weather show, that there has been some cold weather recently in the upper midwest; my sources for this knowledge are the loons which have been showing up on our pond on their fall migration. This is quite early, and rather unexpected, so it must have been quite nippy in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin this last week.
Upon first moving here, I was very surprised to find that loons land on our little four acre pond in the spring and fall, and I've come to look forward to their visits. Also now, on hearing the loons' yowling and moaning echoing through our garden, I no longer call the animal shelter, thinking the neighbors are tormenting their cat.
They are very wary birds and I do not wish to disturb their brief (and I'm sure very necessary) rest here, so I've never gotten a good picture of them... the picture above is from a kind (and very excellent and patient) photographer who shared this photo on Wikipedia Commons.
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I remember the first time I'd ever heard a loon. The sound is so very unique... I really like it. I didn't know they'd stop over in Iowa. But then they know where the best accommodations are in this area. :-)
Shady... I think our pond is probably a very nice spot for a layover; it's very protected and private.

I love the sound of the loon. It is such a great call to hear on a perfectly still and noise-less evening, sitting around a camp fire.
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