Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vanishing Blogs, And Where They Went...

I've just finished my annual pruning... not in the garden, but rather on my blog, for twice a year I remove inactive garden blogs from my link list. If there's been no post for six months, and no evidence of any stirring about, I'll probably remove the link. However, a few of these blogs have mysteriously sprung to life even after that interval... usually no explanation, no sense of anything amiss; they just suddenly sputter back online. I have found that these re-awakenings are usually false springs however, for more often than not they are just the last twitches of a dying effort.
Some of the bloggers apparently just lost interest, some may have suffered an overwhelming attack of writer's block; then others moved or their lives took a turn to a busy or a dark and less pleasant part of the woods. A few of them leave a note, so to speak, and others just disappear without a trace. My link list still has some old-timers like Kathy and Annie.... but there are a lot of empty chairs at the table.

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There are many that I've enjoyed visiting... but I'm one of those very inactive visitors to most other blogs. I have a few of my favorites, however. ;-) Glad to see I'm still on your list!
and when that happens to a blog i have been reading a while i feel a sense of sadness. sometimes i have worried a bit about what might have happened. one person had a stroke i learned later. i read a variety of blogs, only a few garden related. most belong to women who are in various stages of life and health. this is a issue of concern with virtual connections - one just never knows what is going on in reality.

at my best i blog once a month; at my worst i skip several months! real life just takes over, and i have no serious dedication to blogging. but i love to read my favorites.
I'm with you Sky. I'm more interested in reading than posting. I just don't have anything much to say. And, like my daddy used to tell me, "if you don't have anything to say, then shut the h*** up!". ;P
Shady... I must admit, I don't keep up like I used to.

Sky... have seen several bloggers get in a bad spot, too. Sad.

Sally... well, I just prattle on and on. My wife is the real chatty one, though. I'll come in the house and think she must be upstairs talking with somebody on the phone, but she's just chatting with the computer!

Some do lose interest and abandon their blogs, but there are still *many* blogspot blogs that aren't being picked up by Blotanical. Stuart has the problem mostly figured out and is a saint about helping out with inserting snippets of code and such, so hopefully, some may read your post, ask for help, and springboard back into action again. (Gail's Clay and Limestone is one recent example that springs to mind.) But there are many others. :)
I'm still sputtering.

I'm mising Paghat, among others...
I'm glad you didn't give up on me. I just can't seem to garden and blog, both. I still wonder what happened to Tender Dirt. She had a way of phrasing things . . .
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