Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something Something Something?

Well o.k., a couple of days ago I showed a picture of my Something Something Calla; here's my Something Something Something Calla (I've got to figure out how to keep labels on these things).
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I have a few "something something" daylilies. My son-in-law has invented a great new plant marker which I am testing and will set the garden world on it's rear! Can't wait to try to manufacture it. We are giving it a three year test. After two years, no sign of age, breakage, or losing the markings! It could be just what you need.
I am amazed! I've had you standing on a "plant label/know the name of every plant" pedestal. Well actually, I'm glad you could admit to this and the tendancy to lose hand trowels. Somehow I'm feeling a little better about myself. ;-)

Is Ginko Craig blooming for you, yet? He has nice dark blossoms.
I meant to add that my additions are still doing very well. :-)
Well anyway, Something to the Third Power is very pretty with that purple throat.
i would love this calla, but somehow i am feeling like the local nurseries will have trouble finding it for me when i give the name! ;)
The flowers reminds me of blackberries in vanilla ice cream. Awesome.
This looks like 'Picasso' calla to me. I'm no calla expert, it's just that that's the only one I know that has this coloration.

I'm a labeling fanatic and I'm grateful to know that I'm not the only one who is SURE there is plenty of documentation--only to find that the label gnomes or the notebook-and-map elves have slyly made off with my names...
Pamona... that sounds vaguely familiar, so you're probably right. I'm pretty compulsive about labeling too, but things happen.
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