Saturday, August 16, 2008

Something Something Calla Lily

This is a really nice calla lily; dark maroon purple flowers and white flecked leaves. It's named something like Dark Pearl or Pirate's Patch; I've lost the label... it's the Something Something Calla.
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Oh my, what a rich color! I've always thought calla lilies were rather "creepy" looking, but I can imagine these as part of a beautiful bouquet!
Really? Creepy?
Perhaps she means, as in "pushing up daisies" creepy. ;-)

I planted a couple last Spring. I don't know what they look like, but hopefully I'll find out!
What a delightful flower. I've had lillies before but this is such a wonderful colour I going to plant some myself.
That is such a lovely color. If one were to use it as a cut flower, it would have to sit on a deep cherry wood table. Mmmmmm.
Nancy... I've never been that crazy about callas, but I like this one.

M.S. ... how about funereal??

Shady... yah, that's what I mean; especially the white ones.

Nathan... you can get unlabeled coloured callas pretty cheap.

Gardenista.... it would indeed look nice on cherry wood!

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