Monday, August 04, 2008

Red, Red, Red... Orange?

As the August sun beats down on the garden, the daylily color palette heats up, for August is the month for red daylilies; at top is Crimson Shadows, second is Comet Trail, then Cherry Tart, and at bottom Furnaces Ablaze. I'm not sure exactly which 'Cherry Tart' I have; perhaps 'Mama's Cherry Tart'; at any rate I have it planted right next to a deep burgundy fern-leaf Japanese maple, so these blackish red daylily flowers come up right through the maple foliage. 'Furnaces Afire' is a beauty; it starts the day red, and turns progressively to a hot orange in the afternoon... very beautiful, interesting, and unique.
So, let the August sun beat down... these red daylilies can take the heat.

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I am usually not crazy about red flowers, but those are just beautiful!
Don, I'm no fan of daylilies, but those are RED! Lol, quite pretty actually, and one of these days I'll relent, as long as they are re-blooming varieties. Cherry Tart is lovely, but sounds a little, eh, suggestive. Had to laugh at Furnaces Afire, though it's apt. Who names these cultivars? They should hire folks like us, hehe.
Sheila... the pictures don't do them justice; the color is very rich.

IVG... I'm with you about a lot of the names. but I suppose it's hard finding a name that hasn't been taken. 'Furnaces Afire' is a little overblown, but it's pretty apt, as the flowers in the afternoon turn oranger and just seem to glow as if hot coals.
I absolutely love the daylillies...they are my favorite! You have some beautiful photos! I, too, garden back in the woods.
I'm sorry to have to say this, but there's something just WRONG with anything called "Mama's cherry tart". UNLESS it is a pastry, with cherries inside, made by one's mother. THEN, and only then, maybe it's OK.
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