Friday, August 08, 2008

Peachy Gingers

It happened this week; on some otherwise uneventful day, the garden began its yearly decline. One suddenly realizes there are fewer and fewer new flowers in bloom, and fewer plants that look great. A bare, spent flower stalk here, a tattered leaf there; the long, slow slump to fall has begun.
It's times like these that one appreciates the foliage of the hardy gingers (asarum/hexastylis). They always look crisp and shiny, with wonderful silvery patterning. They are little garden warriors.

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I was just noticing that the gardening year has turned a corner. I need, really need, some of those veined/variegated Wild Gingers. I'm sure they'd do fine in the garden, as the Canadian Wild Ginger is staging a major coup attempt in the back of the woodland garden.
Your gingers look healthy, and like you carefully polished each leaf to perfection.
I love Asarum for shiny green texture in the shade. They look nice next to feathery fern foliage.
Nice gingers! I know what you mean about the decline in the garden this time of year. I even find that the blog readers dwindle off at this time of year, when in the spring they were at an all-time high! I think even the beginner or wannnabe gardeners are enthusiastic in the spring and now only the dedicated are still at it.
MMD... fall is coming on fast... I could see my breath this morning :o(

Northern... you know, they would look nice next to ferns; I hadn't tried that!

Gardenista... you know, there comes a point where, as far as the garden goes, I welcome fall; I'm still doing the work, but the rewards are dwindling.

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