Monday, August 18, 2008

My New Trowel... See It While You Can

I don't mean to be too fatalistic, but if history is any indicator, this may be the only time you ever see my new garden trowel... it will, like all the others, soon vanish forever... poof! Admittedly our garden is a labyrinthine place; over-planted with bushes and weeping trees through which vines creep and crawl, while thousands of shade perennials fight for the shafts of sunlight that penetrate to the ground. Through it all, paths meander and intersect, going up and down hills and stairs, crossing bridges, and passing through mysterious gates. One could certainly envision temporarily misplacing the occasional tool here, but we're talking about a steady parade of trowels simply vanishing, never to be seen again.
I admit my last trowel was not a wise selection; it was totally black except for a white band on the handle. I've gone to a day-glo yellow handle this time (and am toying with the idea of tying a helium balloon to it).
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Does anyone else think, after losing a trowel or weeder...or uhm...hoe...that someday, a future acheologist will be digging in your homesite and come across a vast number of tools. And, do you wonder what kind of academic paper would be written about them?

Or am I just...odd?
Nancy... No, you're not odd (well maybe you are... what do I know :o) but anyway I've had exactly that same thought. I think this whole garden would set off a metal detector.
I know what you mean about misplacing tools, but my yard is not nearly as wonderfully "grown" as yours (yet). :-)
Rather than using a helium balloon that could deflate, how about a kid's pinwheel fastened with a bit of duck duct? tape? Then perhaps if you DO leave it standing somewhere, the pinwheel could scare critters! lol
I was going to say, "it's a male thing" since my husband does similar things and I don't....until I read nancy's comment! ;)

I suggest a gardening apron with pockets across the front for tools. Before you leave any gardening site you do an "apron check!" or maybe adding some "glow in the dark" tape to the handle so you can find it after the sun sets! :)
At least this one has a yellow handle Don! I like my Gardenia trwels with the bright orange tip at the end of the handle. What I do not like about many trowels are that they are so poorly made that that many often breaks.
Shady... I have actually thought about attaching one of those little radio finders.

Sky... you know somebody gave me an apron, but I'm one of those people with a very high metabolism, and when I'm working I can't stand having any more "clothing" than shorts and a t shirt.

Niels... I tried to find an even brighter one, but this was all I could find. By the by, I love your screen name.

Don - I cannot tell you how many garden tools I have "misplaced" in the garden - I just put them down for a moment and they vanish!
Last week, Shedman brought me trowel fork and snippers with bright pink handles - so I am hopeful that they will not vanish into the place where garden tools go. (I think there are probably a lot of single socks in the same place)
I like your radio finder idea. I had one of those bright orange handled garden daggers go missing the same day I was spreading a big load of compost. I keep thinking I'll run into it, but no luck.
Once, though, a neighborhood transient tried to sell me tools that vanished from my own yard. No mystery there, but I learned to bring them inside at night.
Karen... I suspect there are also a bunch of sunglasses hiding out there with the socks and trowels.

Megan... Now that's something I hadn't thought of; bums making off with my garden tools!

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