Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Than An Afterthought...

I'll have to admit, I don't normally pay much attention to the flowers on the many hostas here in the garden; they seem to be somewhat of an afterthought, not really adding that much to the plants themselves or to the garden as a whole. I make an exception for Hosta 'Blue Dimples'; the flowers are on short stalks, avoiding the gangliness that afflicts many hostas' blooms, and the flowers are packed on the stalks so tightly it looks like they might explode from sheer floriferousness.

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Do they have the delightful perfume that some hostas have?

I was totally in love with Royal Standard, simply for it's light but persistent fragrance...
i'm not a flower snob or cultivar specialist; i love all my hostas and i can't even name them. i will say that where none others produce color in the shade this time of year, i'm so grateful for my split/shared hostas which do.

i have hosta blooms in purple, white, lavendar; some came in early, middle and late summer; there are tall and seed-pod producing, and those that just have 'rotting' stalks sticking up challenging my neigbors' 'well tended' beds and lawns.

it's so easy to poo-poo the lowly, pedestrian hosta. go for it, if you like shooting fish in a barrel. but there are times and spaces and places where the hosta bloom is welcome, and for those who can forget Consumerism and Cultivarism, they are welcome moments in a cycle that includes the natural, as well as the boughten. i have some "blue" hostas of the big leaf variety that produced magnificant blooms this year. bright and white and could i complain? i won't be invited to a flower show, sure. but i don't care.
Jenn... sadly, no smell. i don't know what determines which white hostas have that nice perfume.

Chi... I love hostas too (I have, I think, two hundred or so). I'll have to admit I like them best when they first come out in May and the colors are SO bright and sharp. We had a couple of bad hail storms this year, so they are looking kind of shabby now, and do not impress... but, they are trying!

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