Friday, August 15, 2008

Miss Tiger Fancy Pants

In most of nature, the male gets to wear the fine duds, but not so in the tiger swallowtails... the female (at top) gets to sport a deep blue band with orange spots, while the male is quite plain. I hope he at least has a nice workshop in the basement with a t.v. and a refrigerator full of beer.
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It seems that most females like a little fancy trim. Do you think she has a bag to match?
Beautiful!! We just put a perennial flower bed in our backyard. When you get time go to my blog and check it out!!
Take care
I didn't know that about these butterflies...interesting! He looks like a fridge-full-of-beer sort of fellow. :)
Jane Marie... Butterfly accessories??

Sara g... I'll stop by!

Nancy... you mean a little worse for the wear?

:) beautiful photography. beautiful butterflies. I sensing a pattern here? Beer/garden/beer/workshop? LOL Have a great weekend Don.
I love this time of year... when we get to enjoy the butterflies! I'm hoping they're enjoying my "restaurant!" ;-) Thanks for the info about the female tiger swallowtail!
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