Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hot Jack

Arisaema consanguineum, a jack in the pulpit from China and the Himalayas (often called Chinese dragon lily), emerges from the ground fairly late and blooms in the hottest part of the summer here. It can reach four foot tall, with striking umbrella-like foliage. I especially like the forms with silver centered leaves, as above. I have found I must be very careful not to let it get dry when hot summer winds blow, as it will topple over and turn up its toes in an afternoon. Most of the Asian jacks seem to want that dream: morning sun with afternoon shade and cool soil that is well-drained but evenly moist. Well, I keep them watered if it gets too dry, and I guess one out of five is good enough, as they are doing quite well. They add a really striking tropical flair to the hot mid-summer garden.
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I have a qt totally off subject but since you are so knowledgeable I hope you can help: a friend who is now dead had a plant in her yard which did not require much water and seemed to stay green without problem. It consisted of singular looking leaves almost knee high, leaves which reminded me of large spath leaves in shape but were a deeper green in color. She called them "Thai leaves." They liked very filtered light, I suppose, since they were planted across the back of her house in a raised bed under a patio canopy which at least partially shaded the area. She lived in Atlanta where summers are hot and humid, but winter can dip into the single digits even though it is a short season. I have been unable to find anything that matches this when searching around online. Any ideas? Thanks much!
Sky... could they have been "Ti" plants (really supposed to be pronounced like tea, but people in the south seem to pronounce it like tie). They are tropical cordylines and would not usually be completely hardy in Atlanta, but maybe the patio would make a difference... just a guess.
yes!! you have been so helpful. thanks so much, don! :)
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