Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blue Light Special In A Pot

I was loading some bricks in my pickup the other day at Menards, glanced across the truck bed, and saw a pallet of huge Japanese maples on clearance priced at about $65! This cutleaf viridis maple tagged along in my truck. Now I'm kicking myself I didn't also buy one of the even larger Crimson Queen maples at the same price. These would cost $250 each at the local nursery. Guess I do need to pick up some things in town tomorrow, and I might as well swing by Menards as long as I'm right in the neighborhood...
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Congratulations! I'm hoping to be at a Menards in Ottumwa Tuesday... :-)
So incredibly jealous. That's a fantastic price.
Shady... check out the maples!

Jenn... I couldn't believe it, either; I've seen small bloodgoods in one gallon pots for $150.

Great price for a beautiful tree. :)
Looks like you got quite the deal friend!
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