Friday, August 01, 2008

Between Heaven And Hell...

Walking around our garden is an odd olfactory experience this week. Large clumps of the later Oriental lilies are wafting their sweet, heavy perfume through the humid air. At the same time, all the rain has led to an explosion in dog stinkhorns in the surrounding woods, wafting their equally potent, heavy odor through the air... reminiscent of a couple of dead, decaying cows.
As you walk the garden trails, your nose is alternately bathed in rich perfume and assaulted by the smell of ripe carrion.... as I said, an interesting experience.
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Purgatory, in other words? ;) "Dog Stinkhorns"...isn't that attractive? Ah well, variety is the spice of life, they say.
Haven't seen the Dog Stinkhorn before. Interesting. RE. "Sliver of Paradise" I just visited "Hayden Prairie" in Howard County 5 miles west of Lime Springs. Perhaps you have visited there? I did a post on it yesterday.
Nancy... I'll loan you a few if you'd like :o)

troutbirder... I've heard a lot about Hayden prairie, but haven't been; I'll check it out on your blog.

Nice lilies, and wouldn't you know something stinky has to horn in? LOL. We had a stinkhorn around here a while back, and though we never did find it, we could sure smell it! And the arum couldn't be blamed this time, hehe.
It's a good thing those Lilies have such a potent perfume. Imagine walking through there without them. Gas mask time.
IVG and MMD... that smell carries quite a ways... wouldn't you know it, we had my family reunion this weekend with tons of people out in the garden, and it smelled like a dead cow!
Don :o{
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