Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beautiful Hibiscus... But I Am Not Fooled

The hardy hibiscus are blooming in every sunny spot in our garden, with huge crepe dreams in bright colors of red, pink, cream and white. But I know this is a brief fling; it is like the spectacular fireworks burst at the end of the show; it is an Ingrid Bergman smooch at the airport. I will enjoy this glory while it lasts, but I am not fooled... I know all too soon there will come a morning where I wake to a cold wind from the north blowing through the window curtains, and then see a folded letter on the nightstand.

(above from top: old Yella, Lord Baltimore, Fantasia)
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Like fireworks only last for a little while but are fabulous. Enjoy.
Beautiful blooms and a wonderful quote! Enjoy those gorgeous blossoms while you can.
They are truly beautiful Hibiscus.
An Artists Garden
Great post. You are so right about that North wind. It will be everywhere soon.~~Dee
Mother Nature and Nancy... It is indeed a time to enjoy these last big bursts of color.

Karen... I especially like Fantasia; dusty plum-pink.

Dee... hard to believe, isn't it?

Hi Don,
Our hibiscus are really starting to go to town as well, though Kopper King is still holding out a bit, but Blue River is in full bloom, and the Lord Baltimore out front is spectacular as always. So that's 'Old Yella'? Hmm, that looks just like one that I planted that didn't have the variety indicated on the tag. Just the very helpful words: "Hardy Hibiscus" and no blooms at the time so it was a pig in a poke. Ok, I bought it because it was super cheap, hehe.

It's far from over... you know... soon your Tricyrtis grove will be springing into bloom, no? Some of ours are positively huge this year!
Beautiful "fireworks"!!...I just love the Bee close-up!!
IVG... the toadies are just warming up, and yes, they are big this year. Hope we don't have an early frost again.

spooky... thanks; glad you enjoyed my bee; no bird... just a bee.
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