Saturday, August 23, 2008

The August Jungle

As August slipslides into September, flowers in our shady garden become less and less of a feature, and one has to start looking at foliage (there comes a dark day in late fall, of course, where one starts admiring the rocks).
A plant still worth looking at is Sauromatum venosum (also called S. venustum, S. guttatum, Arum cornutum, and Typhonium venosum... some of these plants have more names than a dog has fleas). Native to the Himalayas and India yet perfectly hardy here, it has formed a large clump which begs to be divided, but I really like the jungle-like effect of the broad umbrella-like leaves and the spotted stems on the three foot tall plants... an August jungle.

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Interesting. Looks like something from the Pleistocene. I'd also forgotten "magic lilies" which grew abundantly on my previous property.
Ah... nothing wrong with admiring rocks. ;-) Last week, for the first time(!), I went on a geode hunt with a whole bunch of adults and kids. It was great and I came home with several!!
Hi Don! I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for gardens in Iowa City. I live in Coralville, and I have been looking for gardens where I could practice my picture taking skills! I love photographing flowers and plants. Would you mind if I come and visit your garden? I am a teacher in the Iowa City School District- so I am not an axe murderer! I'll leave my photoblog so you can see some of my flower pics.
Troutbirder... I love that prehistoric look... they do, indeed look like something ancient.

Shady... now let's see you get them open!

Kelly... and not a fugitive polyscience professor either I hope? I'll get in touch; you're welcome to come visit.

Very nice plant...the spotted stems really are cool-looking!

I may have to plant one in my you think it could survive in a container?
parsec... they're usually grown in containers (I meant to dig mine up in the fall but forgot it. they are treated rather like an amaryllis.
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