Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yah, That's Nice Too.

In sheperding visitors around the garden, I guess I'm likely to steer them to the odd, the unusual, or the rare plants. Yet these folks always instead seem to be drawn to a clump of nice, but pretty ordinary martagon lilies. Maybe this plant does have something to offer over a three inch tall plant of the Siberian spotted flopwort?
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I'll have to gove those martagons a try.
They're surely not ordinary in their beauty...gorgeous color.
Don Don Don--Martagons are NOT ordinary, I think they're forgotten and so rarely seen, at least be ye olde commoner. I'll be purchasing more myself--I only have Mrs. R.O. Backhouse, but yours is very lovely.
These aren't ordinary... very distinctive! :-)
Donna... they're rather slow to establish, but there for a lifetime once they settle in.

Nancy... you can see why they call them "sealing wax lilies".

Benjamin... yah, but the Siberian flopwort is SO much rarer!

Shady... Hummingbirds are supposed to like them, but I must confess I've never seen one on them.

Most beautiful lily around! Of course I have never met a lily I didn't like.
IGW... spoken like someone who has a whole passel of lilies.

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