Monday, July 07, 2008

Two Daylily Negatives= A Positive

I don't usually like orange daylilies and I don't usually like double daylilies; yet I like Hemerocallis 'Blaze Away'. I guess it's because the color is a rich, peachy chocolate brown with maroon flares, and because this particular double doesn't immediately turn into something looking like a wad of wet toilet paper as soon as the sun hits it. It's only negative is that the flower stalks are a little short, but in my shady garden that also is actually a positive, as the short stalks hold up these heavy flowers very nicely. Make that three daylily negatives = a positive.
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That is a beautiful daylily! I can see why you like it.
I don't really care for orange daylily's myself but these are just different enough where they are attractive.
Orange? BARF. Yours are ok, but still not a fan in general. I think they get too ugly after blooming, and the foliage in general is boring to me. Oh well.
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Benjamin and I will have to agree to disagree. ;-) Although I don't have the "ditch" lilies, I do have a double orange, just because. (I did have ditch lilies in a confined bed once, in front of a lavender clematis next to our deck. A beautiful combination!)

Your daylily is quite unusual! (I'd expect that from you!) I really enjoy the variety of blossoms available. Daylily foliage can accentuate that of other plants. (Kinda like grass.) So... all in all, I like them. :-) I also really like the rebloomers!

I deleted my other post because I wanted to add a p.s. If you are (or know someone who is) "handy," you might like to check out my posts on birdbaths! (The latest one was just added this evening.)
Sheila and Kate... o.k., one vote for.
Benjamin... o.k., one vote against. I will say it looks better in person than it does in the picture.

Shady... another vote for. Benjamin; that's four to one (counting me) :o)

I'll look at your bird
bath post for sure.

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