Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Solving Of Small Garden Mysteries...

About this time last year I published this picture of an odd and dwarfish, leafless seedhead which had popped up in one of my flower beds, and wondered what it might be. Sometimes I think my brain is fossilizing into separate, tight little compartments, because I already "knew" (or should have known) what it was... it's Allium tricoccum, commonly called wild leeks or ramps. It seeded into my flower bed from the surrounding woods. The leaves die back before it blooms in early summer, and then it forms this distinctive, small seedhead on a naked stalk. It's actually fairly common in wooded areas around us, but it's such a modest, retiring little plant that an informal survey by me showed that 0% of people know it grows here (well, nine out of nine people I asked... perhaps not too scientific)
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Another interesting mystery solved. :)
Make that 10 people out of 10, as I've never heard of it. :-)
Nancy & Shady... it's odd how little ramps is known here in the midwest; of course in the east it's a big deal... there is even a ramp festival.
It was new to me also till a neighbor brought some over this spring.... delicious omlettes were the result
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