Friday, July 11, 2008

Solitary Indian

Spigelia marilandica, the Indian pink or firecracker plant, is a very interesting wildflower from the S.E. part of this country. I moved it from our last garden in a big rush (well, actually in a Nissan pickup); at any rate at that time I just had to stick it in where there was a spot, which turned out to be in a patch of common phlox on a dry hillside. Now I know it is supposed to prefer a moist, humusy, shady area...
however, twice over the years I've tried to move a piece of this plant to such an area and both times the transplant died. Meanwhile, the original plant continues to slug it out with the phlox for a piece of hard, dry clay. I've read that Indian pink is pretty easy to grow from seed, but apparently the flowers go to seed and scatter very quickly; I guess you go into the house for a Snickers bar, and when you come back out, all the seeds are gone. It is therefore recommended that you make a little bag out of an old nylon stocking, and tie it about the seed pod. I may have to go rummage about in Liz's underwear drawer.

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What an interesting plant!
Love the combination of red and yellow on the blossoms.
Perennial & Amy... it is really a lovely little plant; oddly neglected.

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