Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh, I Give Up!

I have taken dozens of pictures of this little weeping Japanese maple, and not one of them remotely conveys its beauty and charm, with its finely cut leaves mottled with pale green, white, and pink. When I tell you it's really lovely, I feel rather as if I'm trying to convince somebody to go on a blind date with my best friend. But nevertheless, take my word for it... Toyo Nishiki (for that's its name) might be the most gorgeous Japanese maple in our garden. However, it is also the most touchy plant I've ever seen to the sun; a mere whiff of afternoon sun crisps and browns its leaves in a most remarkable way. I've moved it twice, and now hopefully have it in the right spot on the side of a small ravine, which protects it from the sun, and allows you to look up at it, displaying this small weeping maple to good effect.
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It's lovely, and your photo portrays that just fine. :)
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