Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mystery Solver

Being absent-minded isn't all bad; it means almost every day you have a new mystery to solve. Take this plant that just popped up seemingly out of nowhere in my garden... very shiny, waxy leaf; purple stem; green with red blotching... no plant label, and of course no recollection of planting anything there. Hmmm.
Fortunately I only briefly entertain thoughts that "people" are playing tricks on me by planting stuff in my garden (well, I still say I never planted the Johnson's Blue geranium).
In the present case, the second time I walked by it I remembered I had a very tiny tuber of one of the new Thai caladiums and then recalled this is where I stuck it. The tuber was so small, and it was so late in the growing season, that I didn't have much hope it would even come up, so I didn't make a label, and promptly forgot about it. It's not in a very good spot, as it's right next to a hepatica. I possibly should dig it up and move it... if I could just find my garden trowel.
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I have unnamed things growing here and there that I'm going to let grow to see what happens (but it's not because I planted them earlier!) ;-) And don't those garden trowels have a way of "disappearing?" ;-) This plant of yours was probably a very nice surprise!
Mystery solved...and a very beautiful solution it is!
tis is one of the reasons i rather enjoy finds all the treasures one buried last season. for some reason the older i get the more squirrel-like the memory becomes i.e. buried (read 'planeted')= forgotten-until-the-delightful-surprise-bloom(or leaf)
Shady... my next trowel is going to be day-glo!

Nancy... these Thai caladiums are apparently all the rage. I really like the waxiness of the leaf.

tumbleweed... my garden is quite the jumble, so it's pretty easy to "misplace" a plant here.
Interesting caladium there, Don. I don't suppose it's hardy? I love caladiums, but don't plant them because they have to be dug in the fall, and we're not real good about those kinds of bulbs/tubers. I'm still wondering if that Canna we planted is ever going to come up! No sign of it yet...
IVG... It does have to be dug up. I'm also not big on such things because I don't have a good place to store them... no basement.
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