Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. Obscure

If I want to point out a plant that nobody else has, nobody's heard of, yet is relatively cheap, easy, and everblooming, I need go no further than Pinellia peltata. Its odd little lemony-lime jack in the pulpit-like flowers smell like ripe bananas and look like they are made out of wax. Just call me Mr. Obscure.
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Sounds like a very pretty little plant, Mr. O!
This kind of reminds of me looking for the blossom on my wild ginger. ;-) These are still blooming?
very cool
Nancy... Thank you... thank you very much! :o)

SK... it's still blooming, but this hot, dry weather will probably polish it off (it goes dormant).

Debbi... it is a neatly odd (or is it oddly neat?) little plant.

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