Monday, July 14, 2008

Let There Be Light (In Daylilies)

Daylilies Edge Of Darkness, Cobalt Dawn, and Out Of Darkness
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Love Cobalt Dawn
An Artists Garden
These are all so colourful and dramatic. I never met a daylily I didn't like :)
Very distinctive daylilies! My daughter is in Omaha. Two years ago, on the way, I stopped at a favorite little garden center and purchased two beautiful daylilies (the same); one for her and one for me. I ended up leaving them both with her! ha. Those ruffled edges with a contrasting color are a "must have!" ;-)

Are you up for company Wednesday?
I will be in Iowa City most of the day. I will meet my nephew in the afternoon to bring my grandniece home with me for a couple of days!

An alternate plan would be Saturday, as we will meet to take her home.

My blog holds my e-mail. Let me know if anything works out. Hope so! :-)
Beautiful pictures! What variety are they?

Oh yeah...the varieties are below the title...sorry!
Karen... it's one of my faves.

Shady... I'll get back to you today, but Sat. would probably work best.

Joanne... don't you love it when you answer your own question :o)

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