Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Just Frisky...

Red beebalm invasive? Nah, it's just frisky.
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That made me laugh out loud.~~Dee
Beautiful sea of red. :)
..... and very good looking
I love that description. And a spectacular display,too!
And I've just purchased my first red monarda for my raised gardens! :-) "Jacob Cline"
Dee, Nancy, Karen, Philip, & Jacob... the amazing thing is that this whole patch of beebalm came from one plant that somebody gave me about four or five years ago. I need to do some thinning back.

"Frisky" eh? I call ours exuberant, but either adjective serves quite well! I didn't realize that you had enough sun for it where you are, but great to have it around, don't you think?
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