Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Love Daylilies

Oh, I love daylilies, yes I do... I love daylilies, yes I do... I love daylilies... (well you get the idea).
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Wow...what's not to love?!!
You have some beauties.
Beautiful pictures on your blog!!
(How many DO you have?)
...oh, daylilies, I love you! ;-) I love them, too! You have a great variety.
Nancy & M.N. and Karen & Sara G and Shady... glad you like the daylilies. With all the rain, they are just blooming their heads off. I would guess I've got about 150 different ones (never counted them).

gorgeous - i love them, too!
Well, if you love them, then check out my latest post! I just got photos of the ones that are blooming here now, posted.

What is the next-to-last one you've shown, Don? That's really pretty with that dark edge.
Kylee... I had to go figure it out; it's "Hillbilly Heart".
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