Friday, July 04, 2008

The Gambling Gardener

Every year I buy a plant that, by rights, shouldn't be (and often isn't) hardy here. I've certainly had my share of flops, but have also added some very interesting new plants to the garden this way (I have a thriving clump of agapanthus, for example). This year's chancy choice is the pineapple lily; specifically Eucomis bicolor, from South Africa. It won't bloom this year, which is probably a good thing as it is said to smell like a dead animal (the garden has just stopped attracting buzzards from the voodoo lily blooming the last two weeks).
The foliage of this Eucomis is waxy and wonderfully spotted. Apparently winter wet is a major cause of loss, so I have it planted on a slope. This plant is usually rated about zone 7, but I am modestly hopeful.

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It does have lovely foliage, and I'd say that with your "good luck" and green thumb, a bloom is certain at some point. :)
smells like a dead animal? I'm guess you aren't putting it to close to the house...might drive the guests away from a cook out or evening on the patio....
How young is your bulb? Mine bloom the first year I plant them after I get them from the big box stores. Last year I forgot some in a small pot outside and they froze for about a week. I thawed them out and kept them thinking they'd be a big mess but they survived.

I wonder which one you have because I have a couple but none of mine have the freckled leaves like yours.

P.S the smell is not that bad. Took me about two years to notice it. They set seeds really easily too.
Nancy... I hope.

Babs... we have pretty crusty friends; they probably wouldn't notice.

brown... 9nice to see you about). we've had such a cold spring/early summer (coldest July 3rd in 45 years) that things are a tad slow. I'll have to admit it's really taking off now and maybe it will bloom I have it a bit too shady, too).

Oh, by the way; this is a clone selected for its spots.
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