Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creatures Of The Night

The sultry, still nights of mid-summer in Iowa bring out a parade of nocturnal hobgoblins; snakes, toads, owls, bats, night hawks, whippoorwills, (and little tree frogs). Exotic moths the size of my palm flutter against the windows, June bugs buzz and bump expectantly on the screens, and the lightning bugs float serenely over it all. The nights are growing subtly longer, and increasingly the nights are where the real action is. In the hazy morning, footprints of raccoons and possums are seen to crisscross the muddy spots in the yard; tell-tale signs of the previous night's gathering, like so many leftover cups and napkins from an all-night party.
We sleep serenely through it all, as it is a party we humans are not really invited to, and can barely comprehend. I just know that if I think about it, even though our house sits on land that might seem empty to some, it actually is rather crowded here.
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Beautifully written, and a great view of Froggy!
What a lovely tribute to the wildlife in your garden! I love the picture of your toad. Is it pressed against a window? Cute! :)
Nancy... thanks; I'm glad you liked it :o)

Perennial... he is indeed on a window.

I can certainly identify with this way back in woods completely surrounded by all kinds of creatures...huge luna moths clinging to the screens. Last fall, we had a possum who ate with our cats..right next to them! Daylillies are my favorite, too!!! Enjoyed your blog!
WOW! What a surprise to land on your window!! Great capture!
I know about those night parties where humans are NOT allowed!RACOONS...oh the mess that they leave!! Great post!Nice meeting you!
Spooky... I'm glad you enjoy my little blog. We certainly, like you, like living next to the critters here.

Naturegirl... nice to meet you, too! Yah, some mornings it's kind of a mess around here. It's one thing to have to pick up after yourself; picking up after all the critters too, can be trying :o)

Don: I can't tell you how much I enjoyed finding your site. There's so much of "you" here. Your wife is a lucky woman if she shares this with you. (My ex wished we had only grass all the way up to the house foundation - geez) Really something missing when you can't "share" a passion like this with someone. Thank you!
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