Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bring Me A Lemonade!

The long, languorous days of summer are here; sunny days and evening twilights that seem to go on forever. The male birds are all puffed up with pride and satisfaction as their mates sit quietly on nests fulsome with eggs. In this peaceful interlude before the eggs hatch, there is time aplenty for singing from the tallest treetops, then an afternoon snooze in the shade. Even our cats (normally a curious and lively pair) have succumbed to the season's spell. It is summer in Iowa.
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Make mine an iced tea :) I love to linger in the garden in the evening twilights that seem to go on forever.
Carolyn... my favorite time of day and time of year. We have two wood thrushes this year that in the late evening serenade us until it grows dark.
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