Sunday, July 13, 2008

And When I Die..

When I die and go to Heaven (I realize a bit of a stretch in my case), I hope that Heaven is filled with ravishingly fragrant orienpet lilies like Triumphator, seen above. If towards the end of my life, things seem as dicey as they probably are at present, I'll go with that old Irish toast; "When our life has ended, may we both be in Heaven for three days before the devil finds out we died."
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I've never smelled an Orienpet lily although a friend grows them. I wonder what they do smell like. I'll have to take a gander over to her place sometime.

Loved your analogy to the scent being like Heaven.~~Dee
So glad to find that you have wonderful smells in your garden as well as the "other" I was worried there for a bit.
Truly lovely
An Artist's Garden
Dee... oh, you must take a sniff; I like them better than straight Orientals; not as cloying.

Karen... well, now the dog stinkhorns are popping up everywhere... yucko!

And, what is it with these stinkhorns? There have been 1 - 6 new ones every other day around here! I've taken quite a few photos, but have done no posting, yet. ;-)
Shady... must be the wet weather.
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