Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's In A Name?

Once in a while the Linnaean name for a particular species is somewhat of a head scratcher... take Arisaema robustum, a jack in the pulpit from Japan. It's a cool little thing, with a deeply embossed, thick, five part leaf, and the spathe/spadix arises from the base on a short stalk with the spathe (pulpit) being green and white striped.
When I bought this jack I thought from its name (robustum) that it was going to be a hunk. However, compared with the giant, four foot tall and three foot across Asian jacks like speciosum and heterophyllum that I have growing nearby, robustum is rather... small. Also, while several of these other jacks have multiplied nicely, robustum just kind of sits there; no bigger and no smaller. In fact I'm going to move it this fall, because another Japanese jack (sikokianum) is starting to push robustum out of the way. Maybe it needs some steroids?

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I thought, at first, you had pushed a peony leaf in the ground! ;-)
An odd little plant that really doesn't live up to robustum -- perhaps it is very hardy?
Lol, Shady, I thought it was some kind of arum leaf at first ...

Don, you've convinced us we should look for speciosum, as well as 'Black Jack.' Btw, got the Voodoo Lily in today finally, not far from the Dracunculus. Hoping for good things from it next year (well, more stinky things at least)!
shady... I can see what you mean.

Nancy... Maybe that's it. at least it's perfectly hardy here.

IVG... are you going to try planting you voodoo lily outside? It's hardy here with no special protection, and multiplying like crazy.

Don, the voodo lily is now in near the the dragon arum, but far enough to be comfy. We got a lot in this weekend, including some bargain peonies we picked up at HyVee for 4.99 ... we're in good shape until fall when we put in those additional Arisaema species you've featured, especially Speciosum !
IVG... you'll like the voodoo; the stalk on the plant is awesomely spotted!
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