Saturday, June 21, 2008

Turtle Time

There is the calendar year, and then there is the natural year... we march to both drums. Early summer here is turtle time, when the painted turtles make the long, slow climb up the hill to lay their eggs in our back yard. They are eagerly watched for (and worried about, when they are late to show). This year, with our cold, wet spring they had been complete no-shows until today, when a rather small one was found digging her nest. I always wonder for how many years turtles have been struggling up the hill to lay their eggs here, and how many little turtles have caught their first view of the world from this spot. I know I'm happy it's turtle time again.

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What an awesome ritual. It happens every year in your back yard?? Are you able to see the little hatchlings?
What a lovely thought, that those little turtles' first view of the world is your beautiful back yard. :)
Don, that's really great that they trek all the way up there every year! We'd love that and do everything to make sure they're successful in their task. Do you ever see the little ones emerge and head out from the "homestead?" I've always liked painted turtles, so much more docile than the ones we used to encounter out the ponds fishing with my dad, the dreaded snapping turtles, lol.
Shady, Nancy, and IVG... I've seen the hatchlings pretty frequently. Once I was digging in the garden and scooped up a whole batch of little turtles. Amazingly, not one was injured.

For about 3 years in a row, someone in my classroom would bring me a tiny baby painted turtle! We'd keep them over the school year's time and let them go in the Spring! Fun! :-)
I can not imagine what it would be like to have turtles laying eggs in the garden. That is amazing.
I am so green with envy, I love turtles but have to settle for seeing them by our local lake.
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