Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tiny Treasure

One of the cutest of the hybrid cypripediums in our garden is Cypripedium 'Hank Small', which is a cross between parviflora var. parviflorum (the small-flowered yellow lady's slipper native to North America) and henryi (a small-flowered species from China). Cyp. 'Hank Small' has moody, intensely maroon-purple sepals and a light yellow pouch. When my plant is a little older, I can anticipate two flowers on most plants.
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It really is cute! It's like a baby Lady Slipper. :)
What a gorgeous little treasure is right ! I would love to have that in my garden : )
I adore wildflowers and Lady's slippers are a favorite ... you are very lucky to have this 'cutie' in your garden.
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