Saturday, June 14, 2008

Surviving The Flood

When you're a baby groundhog flooded out of your burrow, the world can seem very large and very wet. But, If Mom's there, things will be alright.
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A cute series of photos. I imagine that you will find many animal visitors seeking shelter with you on high ground. The baby groundhog looks like it's going for even higher ground.You might end up with quite a menagerie.
Is the water receding yet?
The flooding in your area is just terrible! What great pictures of the groundhogs. Like Northern Shade, I wonder if you'll have any other interesting visitors.
Sweet shots. Hope the burrow dries out.
Northern Shade... unfortunately it won't even crest until Tuesday.

Amy... Lots of deer and raccoons, and a fox.

Chey... It's nice and sunny today, so hope so.

what a sweet post.
My heart breaks for all animals displaced by the flood. Same with the forest fires here in Nova Scotia -- I think of all the animals that have babies this time of year, little nests, even pets left behind after mandatory evacuation, as many people were at work at that time and didn't get back to their homes. Very sad stuff indeed. I'm glad the little groundhogs were safe!
Lucky hedgehog to venture on to your space, where it will be treated with respect and compassion. I don't see them too often, but this little one sure is cute and we wouldn't chase her/him off if shelter was needed! But I'm one of those people who think possums are cute ... take it as you will. :-)

Stay dry!
The fields are starting to dry out a *bit* up here, but it rained hard again last nite. I worry about you folks down-river. My daughter has a store in Valley Junction (Des Moines) and she's frantic with worry. What a wacky year this has been so far.
I believe it's been dry for two days now. I pray it continues this way for a few more days. Everything up north flows south. We visited Keosauqua last night. Water's pretty high, but the Des Moines area is more fortunate this year than in '93, so far.

I hope lots and lots of people can be doing relief work before long and into the next couple of years!
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