Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sunny Oasis In The Garden

Sunny spots in our wooded garden are few and far between, so all the peonies, iris, and daylilies that I brought with me from our last garden, which was at the top of a sunny hill, have now found themselves with the short end of the garden stick. Any little clearing with more than a half day of sun, is packed to the gills with these plants, looking as if they are all holding their breath.
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Finding flower-filled sunny spots between pools of shade looks wonderful right now, Don.
I've enjoyed a week of your posts all at once and it was most refreshing after a couple of hours outside in Austin.

I love those yellow and white iris!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Beautiful...I see so many lovely gardens through the blogs on Blotanical! I could spend an afternoon with a lawn chair pulled up beside that sunny bed. :)
I MUST have some spots of sunshine! This is lovely. It must be out of the wind?
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