Sunday, June 22, 2008

Strange Bouquet

It happens every year; Liz decides she wants a bouquet of cut flowers for some occasion, so she hands me a vase and asks me to go cut some flowers in the garden. A snap in a one acre garden, right?
Well, let's see... how would a three foot tall dragon arum that smells like rotten meat look in that vase. Well, then how about if I throw in a two inch tall Primula juliae with flowers the size of a piece of confetti, and maybe the plant pictured above; Paris polyphylla, with flowers that look like earrings for a Martian?
Maybe I need to plant
some zinnias.
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Earrings for a Martian? Esther will love this! :) It really is a unique little bloom.
Would you be able to supply a rich bouquet of foliage? Maybe that would work out?
Nancy... it is really an odd one.

Jenn... I could, but Liz wants flowers. I should hand her the vase.

Ohmygoodness! You seem to always have something interesting to put in a vase! How are your primula doing in their new bed?? I purchased a couple of plants today (different varieties). I should have brought in the tags. Anyway, I hope to plant them tomorrow. Do I remember you mentioned they liked dampness??
Shady... no primrose ever wants to dry out, but they vary quite a bit on how wet they want to be. The regular vulgaris types just need to not ever dry out, whereas some are bog plants. my beds with the tubs are maybe a 75% success; I didn't know this was going to be the wettest, coldest spring ever, so a couple rotted, but the japonica, for example, looks great.
Agree..! That is really a strange bouquet.
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