Friday, June 20, 2008

Mowing The Bird Feeder...

As everybody knows, Iowa has been suffering through a truly apocalyptic weather year, with floods, tornadoes, and other assorted calamities that altogether make one feel like we are living under a big bullseye. How wet has it been? One of my little jobs around here is mowing the birdfeeder.
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LOL! Isn't it amazing how those seeds sprout and take hold? We had much the same effect with some stray sunflower seeds earlier in the spring. Now, if you *wanted* them to grow there............
WOW! A new garden space!
Perhaps this is actually what the birds ordered... a little green stuff alongside their protein?
Nancy, Sylvana, and Shady... well I can tell you one thing: it was hell getting the mower in there!
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