Monday, June 23, 2008

The Lushness Of June

In Iowa it may snow in March; April can be windy and rainy. Even May can turn from blue skies to cold and clouds for days on end. But June... June is warm, sunny days and cool nights; it's a riot of flowers and singing birds and long, still evenings. It is a month of utter, and beautiful lushness.
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The verdant woods are beautiful, and the shrubs with their blooms suit the area so well. I like the path leading around the corner. I was craning my neck to see what came next down the path.
NS... how nice of you to notice that; just the effect I was looking for. that trail leads up a little hill, with a pretty good sized boulder at the top to lead you on, then curves around the top of the hill and along a ravine.

I couldn't have said it better, Don. I believe June is my favorite month of the year. And yes, that path is surely one I'd love to continue along. :)
OK Don - time for some ID, they all look great.

I'm pretty sure the middle photo is a double file viburnum. Guessing the bottom is a mock orange and the top is maybe a weigela. What's the real ID?
beautifully said! I love the *mystery* and *expectation* of your gardens...just gorgeous

Catherine in IL
Indeed your lush June garden is lovely, Don.
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