Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I Could Have Just One (Azalea)

I was musing today, while walking around looking at the blooming azaleas, about which azalea I would choose if I could have only one (really about as unthinkable a proposition as having only one slice of pepperoni pizza). However, if I did have to choose, I could do worse than Northern Tri Lights; one of the newer Northern Lights Azaleas bred in Minnesota for extra winter hardiness. In fact Tri Lights is said to be a little less hardy than most of the rest in this series; it is more of a typical Exbury type in its flower. But it still never loses a twig here, is always covered in the spring with beautiful fragrant white and pink flowers, and stays more compact than the Exburys. I could live with it... now limiting me to one slice of pizza is another matter!
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The coloring is exquisite -- makes me think of a wedding bouquet.
Pretty! So glad to see flowers, and not flood photos on your blog. Hope you stay safe and dry.
What a beautiful azalea! I planted two of them last year... one rosey lights and one northern lights. Both bloomed earlier and were very pretty.
Don, I hope you are all doing all right over there ... that's quite a situation you are facing in your neck of the woods.

Here, the DM river downtown this morning was 6 inches shy of the 93 record and some are predicting we'll set a new one. Take care, stay dry, even if you/we can't go out and play in the dirt for a while!
What a lovely azalea - the colouring is wonderful
Nancy... you know, they would make a great wedding bouquet.
gardenpath... we're on a hill, but just a mile from here a big dam is overflowing. the end of our street ends in water as it goes down hill.
Shady... I'm really pretty impressed with the whole Light's series.
IVG... Cedar Rapids is the real disaster area now, but they now say five feet of water will be going over the Coralville dam, with a lot of Coralville destined to be under water.
Karen... glad you like it. dappled sunlight just lights it up!
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