Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Think I'll Keep It

I obtained this Asian jack in the pulpit labeled as Arisaema intermedium, which it isn't; I've never figured out just what species it is (it just might be a form of consanguineum). However, it is already four foot tall, with waxy, thick, tropical-appearing leaves, a long thread hanging down from the spathe (pulpit) almost to the ground, a nicely "snakeskinned" stem, and it has three new little offset plants around the base... whatever it is, I think I'll keep it.
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I should think you would want to keep it - how unique!
I love Jack in the Pulpits. They are such interesting plants. That one looks so different from the ones that grow around here. The leaves are not at all alike. Definitely keep it.
Nancy... I just moved the babies, as this is a really big plant, and wants to take over.

Daphne... I'm going to have a bunch of these in a couple of years.

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