Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Forsaken

It has gone on and on; storms and floods and destruction. Today, in the midst of the worst flooding in the history of Iowa, with the sandbag dikes failing by the hour, and bridges being destroyed one by one, the dreaded sound of the tornado sirens sent weary sandbaggers looking for cover, as hail and torrential rain lashed the flooded city... and another storm is coming.
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Just keep posting. It's good to know that you are still there.

I've an online friend that lives near Manhattan, Kansas, and she's been silent. Very very worrisome, this.
We've been following the flooding in your beautiful state and shaking our heads in amazement. Stay safe and stay close. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. It's rather ironic that while Iowa is overcome by water, our province is battling one of the worst forest fires we've ever had.
How very frightening! Please take care. That sky shot looks ominous.
Don, I'm extremely concerned about the IC and CR situations, more than what we are going through here in DM. I just love that part of the state (I got my BS at Cornell College) and Iowa City is such a great place. My thoughts are with you all over there, and even if I don't pray, equally powerful wishes for better are expressed.

I'm heartbroken by what you folks are going through. I just hope that you are not in a threatened area! Other than some basement flooding (first time ever) last week, we've been spared over here. Keep posting, I for one am anxious for on the ground reports ... Stay safe and dry!
Just saying hello and hope you are safe, Don. You have come to mind every time the words 'Iowa City' appeared in the news.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
I, too, think of you and how you are faring when I see Iowa City on the news and read the papers. The DM Register did a great job of covering the flooding on Sunday.

Looks like we might just get a break in the weather this week. Let's hope so.

Stay safe.
We all hope you get a break in the weather. The rest of us are thinking and praying for the people in your area.

I grew up in Oklahoma, so know tornados first hand.
Gook luck to you!
Annie, Sally, and GP... well, the sun is shining today, but the heart of Iowa City has truly been ripped out. There is a dam downtown by the old power plant where the water normally drops about 15 feet... you can't even tell there's a dam there now, there's so much water roaring through town.
How can this be happening!
I pray and hope you and the people in Iowa get relief soon. This is just terrible!
Please be careful and stay safe.
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