Sunday, June 08, 2008

EEK... It's A Tour Bus!

Well, it's not everyday when a bus with fifty-five people in it pulls up to your house to tour your garden... in this case, it was the Master Gardeners of Polk County ( from the Des Moines area two hours west of here). Incredibly nice people, and fortunately our seemingly endless rain held off (though more rain is predicted tonight, and there is a strong possibility the nearby dam on the Iowa River will actually overflow in a couple of days and flood Iowa City as it did in 1993). Being wooded, our garden is primarily a spring garden, but I thought I was pretty good in not continually telling people they "really should have been here three weeks ago".
A fine time was had by all; they laughed at my stories and were very kind in not commenting about all of the weeds in the flower beds. As far as I know, they all made it back on the bus, but I'll keep my eyes open the next few days.
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At least you didn't have to water the garden the morning of the tour. What is it with these storms? They seem to keep raining on the same areas. Fortunately, where I live is in between the rain sogged places, so we're getting enough, but not too much. I hope you & your garden don't float away.
Wow, that is a lot of water. You must have a lovely garden to have the honor or a tour bus load full of people showing up to see it.
I'd be cautious if I were you. Those bus people tend to hide behind bushes waiting to see what your secret is for a beautiful garden,
MMD... actually we're kind of in-between too, but all the water is coming downstream from northern Iowa where they are getting deluged.
Aunt Debbi... either it's the garden or my witty stories. hmmm.

Jane Marie... They better watch out; I sometimes pee on bushes.

Don, congratulations! Wish I had been on that bus, we'd just love to see what your garden offers, but you so graciously share it with us here! For that, I am truly grateful for the beauty and knowledge you share with us...

Yep, we've got water problems over here as well... locals are all referring to the 'Great Flood of '93' (which I missed because I was suffering down in FL). We've never had water in our basement in nearly 10 years here, and we had 9 inches of it Thursday night. It's going to take weeks to clean it all up. At least we have the majority of the vegetables in and have the corn and onions planted as well... now on to the perennials and annuals, if the weather ever permits!
I want to be on the Georgia bus or even better the Idaho bus. I am seriously thinking of becoming a master gardner.. That is a dream of mine.
IVG... we were living right on the Coralville Reservoir in '93; we had to paddle a canoe out to our boat dock and boat. Interesting times.

DF... More power to you; it's such a big investment of time I've just never gotten up for it.

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