Monday, June 16, 2008

A Different Mayapple

Podophyllum pleianthum, the Chinese mayapple, has wonderfully shiny leaves a foot across and a pendulous cluster of maroon red flowers with a (cough, cough) interesting fragrance. If more than one clone of this plant is present in the garden, it produces viable seed; a number of babies are popping up around this plant. The seed pods being hidden under the large leaves, I always seem to forget to gather the seed to plant in my nursery bed; I must write myself a note to remember this year.
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This sounds like an interesting plant. Perhaps it needs some shade for the production of it's seeds. Great shots!
Am really enjoying your blog, especially all the exotic and unfamiliar plants. I did photograph some showy orchises in a nearby State Park several weeks ago. The first I had ever seen.
What beautiful foliage. I look forward to seeing it in full bloom.
I'm not certain how you manage to keep track of all your plants!!! I look forward to visiting someday... when the water recedes. How are your neighbors doing?? I leave for Omaha tomorrow to be Grandma for a few days!!! :::-)
Chey... I think I'm going to get seeds this year (more babies).

troutbirder... Showy orchis is one of my faves. since we fenced the deer out of the acre my garden is in, the showy orchis are getting huge!

Nancy... I missed it; it's already forming seedpods.
shady... if you drive our road down hill, you run right into the river, but we're fine.

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