Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Carefree Garden

A few years ago I planted an area right on the edge of a ravine by our house with a wildflower mix. It's quite interesting the changes its gone through over the years in terms of what grows there, and the stages it goes through each year; it goes from prairie phlox blooming in the spring, to sweet williams blooming now, then to pink coneflowers in the fall... or at least it would go to coneflowers if the deer didn't keep eating them off. Our screen porch looks right over this area, so it's been a nice (and now quite carefree) addition.
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I love wildflowers. Do you have to weed it or do you just let it go?
I'm echoing the same question. :-)
And me as well. :) I've always thought a scattering of seeds on a slope would be infinitely better than a flower "plot" -- as long as you didn't have to deadhead or weed it. :)
I bet it is a buzz with butterflies and bees! So pretty.
That's my kind of untamed bed (sort of like the coneflowers, mallows and bee balm in our front boulder bed). That's a really nice selection of lovely colors too ... we have some upright phlox that's starting to take over an area, but it's a much later blooming one.

I also take it that this is a "weeds be damned" section? That's a bonus too. :-)
jane marie and shady and Nancy... I still weed a little in the spring; mainly grass and tree seedlings, but the flowers are quite thick, so not bad.

IGW... It's also a terrific spot for butterflies!

IVG... well, maybe "weeds are plants too!" :o)

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