Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bonus Points For Aging

There seems to be some sort of subtle bonus system for aging in gardeners; as I've gone along, I don't think I'm any smarter, and I certainly don't work harder in the garden, yet many plants that I used to kill regularly, now grow here with abandon. Maybe they've gotten the word that in this garden they sink or swim on their own, so they might as well snap to it. Heucheras used to fade out on a rather regular basis for me; one day I'd just suddenly realize that they were gone (again). Now, I just stick them in any old place, and they take off like cabbages. I suppose the new heucheras saw the old garden labels in my junk pile, from their dead predecessors. fear is a good fertilizer.
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"Fear is a good fertilizer" ... I like that! That foliage is beautiful.
oh, we love our heucheras, especially a chartreuse one which we placed near a dark purple sedum in one garden area. other heucheras are companions to lavender; the contrast of their leaf and flower colors and textures creates a nice visual effect. we don't have the beautiful apricot colored one yet. how lovely.
Great post! Heucheras seem to do well in our climate. The only one that hasn't done well for me is the apricot one. I had the same experience with the fading away problem. I'm giving it another try this year.
Heucheras have done pretty much alright here... however, I am sad to report that both Marmalade and Lime Rickey have bit the dust. They were barely hanging in there this Spring, but I'm going to try replacing them.
PS, Perhaps I should try the fear factor! ;-)
Ah, but is the secret to success the aging of the garderer, Don or is the secret the aging of the garden itself?
Bet you could knock off heucheras again if you moved to a new place.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
I am having an renewed love affair with Heucheras, all the lovely foilage has sucked me right in :). I planted several new ones this year, I hope mine do as well as yours appear to be doing.
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