Sunday, June 01, 2008

Black Jack Jack

This is a selected clone of our native Arisaema triphyllum, the jack in the pulpit. It is named Black Jack, with leaves that look as if they've been shoeshined with black polish, and also has very dark stripes on the hood (spathe). It comes up quite late, and is on the smallish side (a foot tall), compared to the huge, two to three foot tall regular jack in the pulpits that hang out in our garden. Black Jack was discovered in the wild in Florida, and has been distributed particularly by Plant Delights Nursery. While Black Jack is known to be stoloniferous, and my plant is starting to multiply (see small plantlet at the base) it seems to be a very slow grower, and has just not grown or has completely disappeared for a fair number of gardeners.
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Wow Don, this is a real beauty! Even if it didn't have such a great bloom, I'd want it just for the foliage alone ... truly remarkable coloration.

Only a foot tall, eh? Well our little Jack (planted last year) bloomed this year and is all of about 6-8 inches at most! But it was its first bloom this year, so maybe next year.

PS... the Dragon Arum bloom stalk arrived yesterday, so probably only a week or so more. Will have pics up in a day or so, if you're curious.
IVG... Some of the wild jacks in our garden are three ft. tall; just monsters.
Aren't dragon arums neat? I'm looking forward to your picture!
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