Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Accidental Landscaper

I am not a landscaper; you'll find no grand vistas in our garden, no manicured shrubs, no white gardens. What you'll find is a jumble of plants of all kinds from all over the world, jammed in together in a jolly, exuberant, overgrown botanical melange. At the entryway to our garden however, is a large clump of phlox divaricata (woodland phlox), around the base of a three foot tall statue of pan, and the phlox contrasts with a bright yellow euonymous planted right behind. Very nice, and people often comment on my tasteful landscaping in this bed; the trouble is, the phlox was actually growing wild there when I started gardening, and I just left it. I had planned on having the euonymous grow into that whole spot, but whenever deer sneak into the garden, they head right for that bush and chew it off. After getting chewed to the ground half a dozen times, the euonymous has gotten smarter, and stays short, hiding behind the phlox.

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That's a new one - deer as landscape designers. At least they have good taste. (Pardon the bad pun.)
What a charming scene. I have euonymous too--not nearly as elegantly situated.
Don, you did well in non-designing that entry to your garden. At least you have an entry! Ours just gets right up in your face as soon as you approach our house ... but we're just a little corner lot in the middle of the city, lol.
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